Microlaryngeal Surgery with/without Biopsy

This surgery involves removal of growth /polyps /nodules from the vocal cord or voice box using a microscope.

Patients who present with complaints of voice change or throat pain are examined clinically. If the laryngoscopy ( fibre optic or indirect) suggests any growth or abnormality in the vocal cord then they are advised to undergo microlaryngeal surgery. Excessive voice abuse is commonly associated with a condition called vocal polyp which is commonly seen in singers /teachers. The patients with vocal cord abnormalities usually present with throat pain, voice fatigue, voice change, foriegn body sensation in throat, cough etc.

This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. A tube called laryngoscope in passed through the mouth and fixed on the chest. Instruments are passed via the tube in the mouth and the surgery is performed by microscopic visualization. The growth is usually sent for examination to determine the nature of the growth and to rule out cancer in aged patients. The patient is usually discharged on the day of the surgery. The patient is advised voice rest for one week to fifteen days.