It is a surgery which involves correction of the bend in the bone that divided the two nasal cavities.

The central bone which divides the nasal cavity into two halves is called the septum. The septum is ideally straight but may be bent /deviated in some individuals. The cause may be from birth or due to trauma. The bent septum causes nasal blockage and difficulty in breathing.

Sometimes it may cause bleeding from nose, mouth dryness and headache or facial pain also. Diagnosis is by clinical examination. CT scan of nose and sinuses may be asked to see the extent of deviation and to see the condition of para nasal sinuses.

The surgery can be performed in local or general anaesthesia. A Medicated wick is usually placed in the nose before surgery. A small cut is made inside the nose over the septum and the deviated part of septum is removed by various techniques and the cut is stitched back. The suture will absorb on itself. Nasal packing is done after this to prevent bleeding. The patient will have a pack in the nose when he wakes up from anaesthesia and will have to breathe via mouth. A Teflon plate may be placed on one or either side of the septum and if placed will require removal after few weeks. The nose pack is usually removed after 24 hours and patient is discharged with free antibiotic, pain killer, nose sprays and cold medicines.

Patient is asked to review after a week for cleaning of the nose in order to remove blood clots and crusts.