Nasal Bone Fracture Reduction

This surgery involves repair of the fracture in the bone of the nose.

Nasal bone fractures occur when there is a fall with face forward or road traffic accidents or trauma to the nose accidentally or during a fight.

The fracture of nasal bone can be diagnosed by examining the nose externally and also by getting a xray or CT scan of the nasal bones done. The nasal bone fracture will require immediate reduction. If delayed it will lead to swelling around the nose and healing of the nose bones will take place in wrong positions this changing the shape of the nose.

This procedure is performed in local or general anaesthesia. Special forceps are used for correction of the nasal bone fracture. External splint is placed over the nose and nose is packed after surgery to prevent bleeding. The nasal packs are removed after 24 hours and theexternal splints are removed after two to three weeks. The patient is discharged after a day or two with antibiotics, medicines for pain and swelling and called back for review after a week.