Tympanostomy (Ear Tubes)

This is a surgery where a small drainage tube is placed in the ear.

It is usually advised in a person having accumulation of fluid/glue like substance in the middle ear. The diagnosis is done by otoscopic ( an instrument used to examine ear) examination and by a hearing test to check hearing status and conditions of the middle ear called pure tone audiometry and tympanometry.

The surgery can be performed in general or local anaesthesia. Surgery involves making a small hole in the ear drum using endoscope or microscope and removing all the collected secretions. A tympanostomy tube is then placed in the previously made hole. This will allow ventilation of the ear and make drainage possible. It will also prevent further accumulations.

There are various types of Tubes available and the type of tube to be used will be selected by the treating doctor. The tube usually remains in the ear for a few weeks and falls off on its own and the ear drum heals. Certain types of Tubes will require removal in the hospital.

After surgery the patient will be sent home the same day. Head bath and swimming should be avoided for a few weeks. Certain cold medicines will be added on discharge.