This surgery involves repair of the ear drum. Repeated ear infections will cause a hole in the ear drum which does not heal on its own or there could be unhealed hole due to tube placement or injury to ear drum . In such cases this surgery is advised.

The diagnosis is done by otoscopic ear examination and audiometry tests.

A simple hole in the ear without involvement of the three tiny bones in the ear requires this surgery.

Myringoplasty can be done in general or local anaesthesia. A endoscope can be used to see the ear during surgery or a small cut may be placed behind the ear. The ear drum in lifted and the hole is repaired by placing tissue taken from behind the ear ( temporalis fascia graft) or cartilage taken from the ear of the patient. The cut is closed with stitches. The ear is then packed with medicated sponge like substance and a bandage is applied around the ear.

The bandage will remain for two days and the ear pack and the stitches are removed after one to two weeks.

The patient will be discharged from hospital same day or the next day with a few medicines for pain, cold and ear drops. The patient will be advised not to catch cold and to avoid water entry in the ear for a few weeks.